Private Money Lender in Houston During Market Volatility

man talking to private money lender in Houston

Despite only being a couple of months into 2022, we have already experienced significant market volatility. Many are wondering what the future holds for them due to these conditions. If you’re a real estate investor you might be wondering whether it’s better to work with a bank or a private money lender in Houston to get funding. In many cases, private lenders offer several advantages over traditional lenders. In this article, we’ll discuss how market volatility typically affects private lenders and some key benefits that may make private money a better option for your needs. 

How Does Market Volatility Affect a Private Money Lender in Houston?

Just as a quick refresher: market volatility is where stock market prices experience rapid changes, rather than more stable pricing. This can affect individuals, businesses, and investors. Generally speaking, market volatility has a huge impact on traditional lenders. In many cases, lending requirements become more stringent in times of volatility. Interest rates often also increase. In addition, many investors may pull back until things level off. Essentially, uncertainty can make getting capital for your real estate purchase trickier. 

When it comes to a private money lender in Houston, volatility may not have as significant an impact compared to more traditional lenders. As private lenders, we are a company that uses money from private investors to provide hard money loans in Houston. Often, private lenders are less vulnerable to issues from market volatility compared to banks. This is because our services are more relationship-driven and focus more on negotiation between our team and you as a borrower, rather than based on strict guidelines for things like creditworthiness and leveraged lending guidelines. Loans through private lenders also tend to be much more flexible and customizable to match your situation. 

Benefits of Working with Private Lenders

man talking to private money lender in Houston
Your private money lender in Houston can find creative loan solutions for you.

When it comes to hard money loans in Houston, there are several advantages that may make this loan option better for your needs. These types of loans are collateral loans in Houston that typically use the property you are purchasing or rehabilitating as collateral. This often allows us to be able to lend to individuals and organizations that don’t qualify for loans from traditional sources, like banks and credit unions. 

Another reason many prefer working with private lenders is due to the tighter relationship between lender and borrower. As a private lender, we negotiate with you and work with you to find terms that are suitable for everyone. Many traditional lenders, by contrast, generally use computerized systems to automatically reject or accept loan applications. Many investors crave that personal touch and really enjoy working with us as a direct lender that specializes in hard money for commercial real estate. 

Texas Funding Corporation – Your Trusted Hard Money Lender

If you’re looking at your lending options in this somewhat volatile market, consider working with a private lender. At Texas Funding Corporation, we are a private hard money lender offering flexible loans and fast closeout. We can close in just days and with less paperwork than many other lenders out there. Since our founding in 1982, we have lent millions for commercial real estate investments. Get in touch today to learn more and get funding