Private Money Lender in Houston for NNN Properties

Private money lender in Houston using calculator to determine loan amounts.

Your private money lender in Houston can help you take advantage of opportunities quickly through hard money loans. One thing that many investors are looking to add to their portfolio are NNN (triple net lease) properties. These properties offer a lot of advantages, so it makes sense that investors want to purchase these properties. In this article, we’ll discuss how your private money lender in Houston can help you get the capital for NNN property purchases. 

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Why Work with a Private Money Lender in Houston to Purchase NNN Properties

Private money lender in Houston using calculator to determine loan amounts.
Talk to your private money lender in Houston about financing options for NNN properties.

NNN properties are in high demand right now. Therefore, opportunities for purchase can easily slip through your fingers if you don’t act fast. One reason to work with a private money lender in Houston is because it’s often much faster to get the funding you need. 

With hard money loans in Houston, there are fewer qualification processes to go through compared to a bank or another traditional lender. It’s less about your history and creditworthiness. Instead, we focus on the strength of the deal. Since the property acts as collateral, your private money lender in Houston focuses more on the property’s value. This means you can get loans much faster compared to other types of lenders. 

Additionally, you can get loans through a private lender much easier than through a traditional lender. There are fewer hoops to jump through. In fact, we can even lend to investors with poor credit histories. There’s a lot more freedom and flexibility for our team to design loans that are favorable for both parties. 

So, rather than getting denied by a bank or losing an opportunity because of all the paperwork and time it takes for a traditional loan, consider working with a private hard money lender instead for your NNN property purchase.

Benefits of Triple Net Lease Properties

Of course, you might be wondering why you might want to invest in an NNN property. These properties have a lot to offer, which is why many people are dying to add them to their portfolios. These properties have triple net leases, which is essentially where the tenant agrees to pay most of the costs for the property, including the rent and utilities, the property taxes, the building insurance, and general maintenance to interiors and common areas. This usually leaves the property owner with only responsibility for structural maintenance for things like the roof. In addition, these leases generally last quite a long time. Many even have lease terms for 10 years or even more. As such, NNN properties offer low risk and steady passive income for years to come for investors. This is why many want to purchase NNN properties for their portfolio. 

Typically, when purchasing these properties, there’s already a lease in place. This way you can immediately start receiving income. Often, tenants of these properties are national names in retail. However, they are becoming more popular in other sectors like office buildings and industrial facilities. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of an NNN property, get in touch with your private money lender in Houston to discuss financing options.

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